ENLIGHT: The European Network for Light Ion Hadron Therapy.

TitleENLIGHT: The European Network for Light Ion Hadron Therapy.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDosanjh M, Cirilli M, Greco V, Meijer AE
JournalHealth Phys
Date Published2012 Nov
KeywordsDiagnostic Imaging, Elementary Particles, Europe, Interdisciplinary Communication, Internationality, Radiobiology, Radiotherapy, Research, Societies

The European Network for Light Ion Hadron Therapy (ENLIGHT) was established in 2002 to coordinate European efforts on hadron therapy (radiotherapy performed with protons and light ions instead of high-energy photons). The ENLIGHT network is formed by the European Hadron Therapy Community, with more than 300 participants from 20 different countries. A major success of ENLIGHT has been uniting traditionally separate communities so that clinicians, physicists, biologists, and engineers with experience and interest in particle therapy work together. ENLIGHT has been a successful initiative in forming a common European platform and bringing together people from diverse disciplines. ENLIGHT demonstrates the advantages of regular and organized exchanges of data, information, and best practices, as well as determining and following strategies for future needs in research and technological development in the hadron therapy field.

Alternate JournalHealth Phys
PubMed ID23032898

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