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Barazzuol L, Burnet NG, Jena R, Jones B, Jefferies SJ, Kirkby NF.  2010.  A mathematical model of brain tumour response to radiotherapy and chemotherapy considering radiobiological aspects.. J Theor Biol. 262(3):553-65.
Barazzuol L, Jena R, Burnet NG, Jeynes JCG, Merchant MJ, Kirkby KJ, Kirkby NF.  2012.  In vitro evaluation of combined temozolomide and radiotherapy using X  rays and high-linear energy transfer radiation for glioblastoma.. Radiat Res. 177(5):651-62.
Barazzuol L, Jena R, Burnet NG, Meira LB, Jeynes JCG, Kirkby KJ, Kirkby NF.  2013.  Evaluation of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor ABT-888 combined with radiotherapy and temozolomide in glioblastoma.. Radiat Oncol. 8:65.
Bauer J, Unholtz D, Sommerer F, Kurz C, Haberer T, Herfarth K, Welzel T, Combs SE, Debus J, Parodi K.  2013.  Implementation and initial clinical experience of offline PET/CT-based verification of scanned carbon ion treatment.. Radiother Oncol. 107(2):218-26.
Biegun AK, Seravalli E, Lopes PCambraia, Rinaldi I, Pinto M, Oxley DC, Dendooven P, Verhaegen F, Parodi K, Crespo P et al..  2012.  Time-of-flight neutron rejection to improve prompt gamma imaging for proton range verification: a simulation study.. Phys Med Biol. 57(20):6429-44.
Böhlen TT, Dosanjh M, Ferrari A, Gudowska I.  2012.  Simulations of microdosimetric quantities with the Monte Carlo code FLUKA for carbon ions at therapeutic energies.. Int J Radiat Biol. 88(1-2):176-82.
Böhlen TT, Cerutti F, Dosanjh M, Ferrari A, Gudowska I, Mairani A, Quesada JM.  2010.  Benchmarking nuclear models of FLUKA and GEANT4 for carbon ion therapy.. Phys Med Biol. 55(19):5833-47.
Böhlen TT, Dosanjh M, Ferrari A, Gudowska I, Mairani A.  2011.  FLUKA simulations of the response of tissue-equivalent proportional counters to ion beams for applications in hadron therapy and space.. Phys Med Biol. 56(20):6545-61.
Böhlen TT, Brons S, Dosanjh M, Ferrari A, Fossati P, Haberer T, Patera V, Mairani A.  2012.  Investigating the robustness of ion beam therapy treatment plans to uncertainties in biological treatment parameters.. Phys Med Biol. 57(23):7983-8004.


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