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Böhlen TT, Cerutti F, Dosanjh M, Ferrari A, Gudowska I, Mairani A, Quesada JM.  2010.  Benchmarking nuclear models of FLUKA and GEANT4 for carbon ion therapy.. Phys Med Biol. 55(19):5833-47.
Dosanjh M, Jones B, Mayer R.  2010.  ENLIGHT and other EU-funded projects in hadron therapy.. Br J Radiol. 83(994):811-3.
Mairani A, Brons S, Cerutti F, Fassò A, Ferrari A, Krämer M, Parodi K, Scholz M, Sommerer F.  2010.  The FLUKA Monte Carlo code coupled with the local effect model for biological calculations in carbon ion therapy.. Phys Med Biol. 55(15):4273-89.
Combs SE, Ellerbrock M, Haberer T, Habermehl D, Hoess A, Jäkel O, Jensen A, Klemm S, Münter M, Naumann J et al..  2010.  Heidelberg Ion Therapy Center (HIT): Initial clinical experience in the first 80 patients.. Acta Oncol. 49(7):1132-40.
Zahra N, Frisson T, Grevillot L, Lautesse P, Sarrut D.  2010.  Influence of Geant4 parameters on dose distribution and computation time for carbon ion therapy simulation.. Phys Med. 26(4):202-8.
Parodi K, Mairani A, Brons S, Naumann J, Krämer M, Sommerer F, Haberer T.  2010.  The influence of lateral beam profile modifications in scanned proton and carbon ion therapy: a Monte Carlo study.. Phys Med Biol. 55(17):5169-87.
Barazzuol L, Burnet NG, Jena R, Jones B, Jefferies SJ, Kirkby NF.  2010.  A mathematical model of brain tumour response to radiotherapy and chemotherapy considering radiobiological aspects.. J Theor Biol. 262(3):553-65.


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