The ENLIGHT network was established in 2002 to coordinate European efforts in hadrontherapy, and today has more than 300 participants from 20 European countries. A major achievement of ENLIGHT has been the blending of traditionally separate communities so that clinicians, physicists, biologists and engineers with experience and interest in particle therapy are working together.
13 February 2018

CERN, in the framework of ENLIGHT is offering education and training opportunities to students from all over the world through a new project, ENLIGHT training, which has just been added to the CERN & Society portfolio of projects.

With a large increase in dedicated particle therapy centres and with innovative medical imaging techniques making their way into hospitals, skilled experts for high-tech cancer treatment are in high demand, which is what the ENLIGHT training will address.

9 October 2017

The ENLIGHT 2018 Annual Meeting will be held from Monday 25 to Wednesday 27 June at UCL London, UK. The ENLIGHT training will be organised on Monday 25 June, followed by the meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

For more information and registration, please visit ENLIGHT 2018 Annual Meeting.