by Jacques Bernier MD, PD

First held in Geneva in 2012, the ICTR-PHE Conference now has the spotlights turned towards its 2014 edition, which will take place at the International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG), on February 10 – 14, 2014. Those who attended the first edition recognise the value of such a new reality in oncology, which brings together two major events in the interdisciplinary field at the intersection of medicine, biology and physics: the International Conference on Translational Research in Radiation Oncology (ICTR) and CERN’s Physics for Health (PHE) workshop.
The ICTR conference started in 2000, with the objective to update the radiation oncology community on the most recent advances in translational research, and reinforce the synergies among clinicians, biologists and medical physicists. The first edition of the Physics for Health workshop was organised at CERN in February 2010, with the aim of reviewing the progress in the domain of physics applications in life sciences, stimulating the exchange between different teams and indicating the subjects most suitable for further studies in diagnosis and therapy.


In 2012, the time had come to merge ICTR and PHE, as it was obvious that this synergy would boost the development of new strategies in oncology. Optimizing biologically and physically the ways we attack cancer is the key issue in the search for better treatment precision and specificity, achievable by both increasing the tumour cell killing and augmenting normal tissue sparing. These novel research developments require a closer integration between the cutting-edge technologies developed for particle detectors and therapeutic devices, and all the bio-molecular vectors that the post-genomic era is now offering.

UNITING PHYSICS, BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE FOR BETTER HEALTHCARE will be the red thread that ICTR-PHE 2014 will follow during the 5-day conference. As in the past years, the meeting will continue to pay tribute to those institutions and individuals who significantly contribute to the development of translational research in oncology. Last but not least, this conference will further expand the partnerships with industry, with concerted efforts in Research & Development, and will trigger institutional contacts favouring a more efficient collaboration among laboratories worldwide.






   The ICTR-PHE 2014 Chairs are looking forward to welcoming you to Geneva

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