European training network in digital medical imaging for radiotherapy

The vision of a future high-precision radiation therapy utilizing either particle or photon beams is a treatment on a technological level which allows for:

  1. Obtaining information on relevant tumour parameters (volume, position, topology, density - also of the surrounding tissue) during every moment of therapeutic irradiation;
  2. Adapting the treatment plan in real time; and
  3. Initiating the appropriate control of the irradiation device to compensate for any deviations from the original treatment plan that compromise a tumour conformal dose delivery.

The European training network in digital medical imaging for radiotherapy (ENTERVISION) will be established in response to the critical need for reinforcing research in online 3D digital imaging and the training of professionals in order to deliver some of the key elements and building blocks for realizing the vision for early detection and more precise treatment of tumours.

This is an interdisciplinary (physics, medicine, electronics, informatics, radiobiology, engineering) multinational initiative, which has the primary goal of training researchers who will help technical developments at a pan-European level, for the benefit of all of Europe.

ENTERVISION brings together ten academic institutes and research centres of excellence and the two leading European companies in particle therapy, IBA and Siemens. All partners are known worldwide in the diverse but complementary fields associated with technological development for improving health. Thus the network covers a unique set of competencies, expertise, infrastructures and training possibilities. The network will train 12 ESR and 4 ER during a 48 month period.

The context of a new technique and a dynamic research program in an area of great societal demand offers outstanding training opportunities for future careers of the young researchers.