The ENLIGHT network was established in 2002 to coordinate European efforts in hadrontherapy, and today has more than 700 participants from 25 European countries. A major achievement of ENLIGHT has been the blending of traditionally separate communities so that clinicians, physicists, biologists and engineers with experience and interest in particle therapy are working together.
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HIGHLIGHTS December 2020
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ICTRE-PHE 2012 Conference

The European Network for Light Ion Hadron Therapy (ENLIGHT) is organizing a special conference dedicated to the SEEIIST Project. Among the speakers are extraordinary figures in the field of this most modern and most powerful method to treat Cancer with ion beams. All the information about the conference, including the Agenda are available under the following link:

ENLIGHT 2020 Annual Meeting will be held in Bergen, Norway! The dates are as follows 22nd Training day; 23rd and 24th June 2020 Annual Meeting.

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