European NoVel Imaging Systems for ION therapy

ENVISION is a 4-year project set up by 17 leading European research organisations, including 2 leading European industrial partners (Siemens and IBA). The project coordinator is CERN and majority of the key European experts in this field are involved as well as the Hadron Research Facilities in Heidelberg and Pavia, who will immediately benefit from the developments foreseen in this project. 

ENVISION attacks the problems both of on-line Dose Monitoring and of performing accurate Quality Assurance tests by developing novel imaging modalities that are related to the dose deposition and allow assessing the treated volume as well as deriving reliable indicators of the delivered dose. It concentrates on the detection of nuclear reaction products produced by the interaction of the beam with atomic nuclei of the tissue (positron emitting nuclides for ibPET, photons or light charged particles for ibSPAT). The methods are applicable to all therapy relevant ion species. The application of TOF techniques with superior time resolution to beam delivery integrated double head ibPET scanners has the potential for improving ibPET image quality. Furthermore, the real-time observation of the dose delivery process will become feasible for the first time, which will substantially reduce intervention times in case of treatment mistakes or incidents.

Co-funded by the European Commission under FP7 Grant Agreement N. 241851