The ICTR-PHE 2012 conference : alliance between the physics and medical communities

The ICTR-PHE 2012 conference, which closed its doors on March 2 after five busy days, sealed the alliance between the physics and medical communities. Some of the most futuristic research in medical physics was presented at the conference. Special emphasis was placed on medical imaging devices, currently used for diagnosis but with the potential to provide crucial real-time monitoring of treatment in the future. Radio-oncologists and radiotherapists represented a large proportion of the doctors and clinicians who attended the conference. With them were also biologists and doctors of nuclear medicine. They presented the state of the art of their research that touches on the genetics and biology of tumours as well as on futuristic drugs that selectively target malignant cells. The future of cancer treatment seems to lie in the personalised approach.

Produced by: CERN Bulletin
Director: Nathalie Vibert
6,47 min. / 30 March 2012 / © 2012 CERN

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